Embracing Holiday Time Alone

Embracing holiday time alone can be delightful – read on for  

My Top 10 List for Spending Holidays Alone

Walnut, cranberry and spinach salad

COVID or not, I have been spending holidays alone for many years now and love it! 

Although I had houses in the past, and now that would accommodate family and many people, I was the one who traveled on holidays despite the fact I fear hours driving alone on a highway during busy holidays due to other drivers not paying attention. I drove with the death grip on the steering wheel, tensed up with my stomach in knots driving in the slow lane below the speed limit. I do not miss those days! Therefore, after my mother passed away, and the rest of the family spread all over have families of their own, it was time for me to have peace at home.

I love spending my holidays alone now, embracing every moment and doing what I please while being relaxed. I usually start the day with a run by the shore, unless it rains, then I work-out indoors. 

Depending on the day, and the year there are times I make special meals using my best dishes with music playing in the background. Other years I choose to get caught up on business work to free up on another day. No matter what, it is a no-pressure day, no timeline, and no rushing around! There is also no need to decorate, some years I do a little, most years I pass on it to concentrate on business or more important things going on. 

Non-alcoholic daytime beverage
Living room propane fire

My Top 10 List for Spending Holidays Alone

  1. Exercise – any time of day doing something fun.
  2. Making special candlelit meals with beautiful dishes and stemware.
  3. Fires – a must-have either real, propane, or electric.
  4. Reflecting on the year and setting new goals with ways to achieve those goals.
  5. Reminding myself to be thankful for all I have, such as a roof over my head, and donate to a cause I care about.
  6. Catching up on some dreaded paperwork to free up another day.
  7. Runs along the shore.
  8. Relaxing and reading while laying around in fuzzy fleece.
  9. Thinking how fortunate I am not to have to travel – life is good.
  10. Watching a concert – something I usually do not have time for.
Holiday dessert - always dark chocolate!

All photos by Kathy LaBella

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season alone, or among family and friends.

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