Biceps, Triceps, and Forearm Form & Benefits Vlog

Whether you are new to exercise or have been lifting weights for several years, it is your form that is more important than the amount of weight you lift. Here I am demonstrating bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, and forearm exercises you can do anywhere with little to no equipment using what you have at home, and just in time to condition yourself for warm weather activity and sports!

A special note not mentioned in the video, as with any new exercise start slow and light. When it comes to weight training, it is best for beginners to start with one set of each exercise using 10-12 repetitions, then build up over time to two to three sets of each exercise with an average of 10 repetitions, or 8 repetitions using heavier weights at times for building muscle, or for prevention of osteoporosis. And always allow your muscles utilized to rest at least 48 hours. These simple arm exercises can be performed two to three times per week depending on your other workout schedule. 

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