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Telehealth is a HIPAA compliant virtual software session like being on Skype, only it is completely private. You can schedule yourself for the same nutrition counseling sessions that would be in-person. Your food photos and fit bit tracking can be viewed, texting updates and feedback can be provided and viewed all while you are at home, or in your office, or commuting.

Initial Assessment

Interested in a full nutrition assessment? During a 90-minute initial consultation I look at your food habits and preferences along with any supplements and medication you are taking, and take any medical diagnosis into consideration, as well as family history, and present lifestyle. By sending you forms in advance to fill out, it gives us more time together for education specific to your needs, and to calculate your individual nutrient requirements, only show you in portions or amounts needed to increase or decrease to help you to make realistic changes in the way you eat that will get you on your way to an energetic healthier lifestyle, or improved professional performance for athletes and musicians. As a sports specialist dietitian, nutritionist, and exercise specialist, I work with weight control too, only I am a realist who does not hand out a diet, we all know diets restrict and eliminate otherwise normal food that eventually sets you up for failure. Instead I look at the whole picture of your life from sleeping habits to cooking ability to food availability during work or travel, to the type of exercise you perform to lead you in the direction to achieve success. I educate people to help create solutions or make recommendations, but let each person make the ultimate decision on what they can realistically change that will become a lifelong habit. It is most often only a process of making three simple changes to your diet!


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Second Session Nutrition Analysis

Following the initial assessment, a nutrition analysis is used to compare what you ate with over 120 nutrients recommended during the week to ensure you are meeting all your nutrition needs and goals. The analysis will tell us if any adjustments need to be made to your diet from vitamin A to Zinc, to the amount protein or potassium or mono-unsaturated fats needed, or if a supplement is necessary. It is not all about the body weight (though we check that too), but instead, it is a great check to know if we are on the right track to work with everything else from learning about mindful or conscious eating versus diet, to easy meal prep, dining out, ergogenic aids for athletes, and food on the run while traveling, to recipes, menu examples to pick and choose from that are fun and exciting along with real photos versus following a strict diet, to ways to fit in fitness. Everyone has different desires. It is my goal to help you obtain your goals to reach your optimal level health, fitness, strength, and personal or professional performance for sport, or performing arts.

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More About the Packages:

Many insurance companies cover for prevention and in-office sessions – please contact Kathy LaBella first to find out more, or to combine insurance with ongoing added sessions.  For questions call 860-339-5493 or email

  • Basic Nutrition Package: 3 Sessions

Initial nutrition consultation, 90 minutes
Diet computer analysis over 120 nutrients and check-up, 60-minutes
Menus, guidelines, and follow up custom questions for remaining 60 minute session.

Designer Nutrition Package: Customize 10 sessions to meet your needs:

Initial nutrition consultation, 90 minutes
Diet computer analysis with over 120 nutrients and check-up, 60-minutes
Remaining sessions listed below are 60 minutes each but can be customized to longer or shorter sessions.

    • Menus and menu planning
    • The timing of meals for weight loss/gain, fitness, or performance
    • Dining out guidelines
    • Grocery shopping lists
    • Quick-fix meal solutions
    • Recipes for your preferences
    • Multiple food photos for portion guidelines
    • Education on eating food that provides vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, and phytochemicals specific to your needs.
    • Learn about mindful eating, breaking away from “diet.”
    • Discuss fitness guidelines as time allows, or pick and choose what you want to discuss during your session for custom strategies.

Teleconference (Telehealth video) or telephone – Please call about insurance coverage.

Elite Nutrition Package: 19 sessions are ideal for those who want to check in more than one time per week, or for ongoing weight loss, or enhanced sport performance monitoring and exercise.

Receive the Designer Nutrition package above plus further sessions including fitness guidelines, or personal training, and strategies that work for you. All via Telehealth video conferencing that is HIPAA compliant, or telephone from the comfort of your home or office.
This is ideal for those who want to check-in more frequently for extra help, guidance, diet or fitness strategy or making lifestyle changes to reach your ultimate goal for fitness, performance or weight.

Call 860-339-5493 or email to inquire about pricing and availability.


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