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Peak Performance: Nutrition for Musicians

Nutrition for Musicians and Performers


Nutrition for Musicians is a specialty niche for musicians of all genres to improve energy, increase oxygen capacity to working muscles, prevent fatigue, inflammation, soreness, and improve body mechanics all through adequate nutrients from food and fluids to help with essential growth and repair from everyday playing, stress, and travel. By knowing what variety and how much to consume of all nutrients, phytochemicals (natural plant chemicals) and antioxidants will not only improve energy, it will help prevent disease, and slow the aging process, and in return keep you playing longer.


  • Optimal energy levels
  • Prevent muscle and joint pain
  • Reduce stress and inflammation
  • Meet hydration requirements
  • Food choices for dining out
  • Maintaining lean muscle mass
  • Pre-and post-performance foods


Eating for better performance on stage and touring.Nutrition for Musicians is a specialty niche that has taken me four years to develop through a combination of my sports nutrition expertise and background in both the performing arts and exercise physiology, along with interviewing and working with several musicians and vocalists while providing nutrition education to them. All of this has given me the ability to better understand the energy demands of musicians, their schedules, and the nutritional impact it can have on one’s body.

Musicians and vocalists have special nutrition and hydration requirements related to their activity levels and schedules that increase energy requirements. Road touring and late night demands can deplete a musician’s stamina. Singers, in particular, often require certain nutrients while eliminating other nutrients to reach the volume levels they need, and to help keep their vocal cords clear and strong.

Whether you are a classical musician, blues, country, rock, jazz, opera or other genre, musicians and vocalists, in general, all have unique and particular body mechanics that are used while performing. I understand the effects of how nutrition and hydration can impact an individual performer both physically and mentally, and how nutrients play a key role in inflammation, preserving lean body mass, and prevention of overuse of muscle, joints, and injury, as well as the importance of timing for energy, or gastrointestinal tolerance of food pre and post-performance.

I am happy to be able to provide this unique specialty niche and support to musical artists. It is my goal to help musicians obtain their optimal energy level of performance through balanced nutrition. 

Nutrition for Musicians eBook and video series is now available! Please see the store tab to download. 

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Kathleen S. LaBella, RDN, CDN, CSSD, ACE-CMES/CPT

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For musicians looking for individual guidance, I now offer Tele-Health HIPPA compliant confidential video conferencing and chat sessions, or phone consultations where I can take a look at your individual diet, medical needs and history, lab data (when provided), and food preferences along with calculating your individual nutrient needs. Within the first session, you will learn what you require, and how to make changes to meet realistic goals. Following an initial consultation, I produce a nutrition database analysis on our second session based on your actual food intake assessing over 120 nutrients that include vitamins and minerals along with your intake of calories, carbohydrates, protein, fats, and fluids. I take a look at the whole picture for health, weight, and wellness to ensure and educate you on how to consume nutrients and antioxidants naturally to prevent inflammation and illness, and I also educate you on any medication interactions or supplements you may be taking based on scientific evidence.